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OTTO V1FT (cod.30001)

Vox introduces its first line of competition engines for 1:8 scale category “OTTO”.

VOX OTTO V.1 FT (Factory Tuned) is the result of the combination of production expertise and parts resizing aimed to obtain a new weight distribution in the cooling head without affecting the cooling efficiency, which is at the same time directed to the spark plug body with a new system.

The inside components are the result of a careful design and material choice and special attention is paid in the final assembly process as well to grant the maximum quality standards.

Factory Tuned

VOX OTTO V.1 Factory Tuned ensures high performances and reliability in line with the highest standards of competition engines. Inside components such as piston, cylinder and crankshaft are especially tuned for better performances.

A new concept for the engine head and weight distribution 320 grams weight and a lowered center of gravity that make the new VOX OTTO V1 FT innovative. Another original feature is a wider dissipation area.

Aereodynamics The design of the cooling head allows the cooling of the spark plug and of the rear part of the head through three openings from one side to the other.

Piston CNC machined from billet high percentage silicone alloy.
Knife edged aerodynamic designed connecting rod with double bushing.

7 ports + 2 by pass.
Separate large size combustion chamber insert.

14 mm turbo cranckshaft especially lighened and balanced to decrease vibrations and improve acceleration performance.
Gas flow optimized using red silicone rubber.

Composite slide carburettor with interchangeable Venturi.
Exhaust system Efra 2033 (not included)

The contents may be subject to change without notice due to product improvements and specification changes.

The images shown in the website may slightly differ from the actual product.

*Exhaust system not included


Micro Engine for RC Models

Class > .21
Weight > 320gr.
Capacity > 3.49cc
Power > Hp 2.7
Rpm > 38000
Stroke > 16.80mm
Bore > 16.26mm
Cylinder/Piston> 7 Ports + 2 by pass
Start > External 
Cranckshaft > 14 mm Turbo
Carburettor > Allu 9mm Slide - Double adjustments
Spark Plug > Turbo
Exaust system > Rear
Fuel > 25% nitro