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OTTO V1 Tech (cod.30002)

Vox introduces its "entry level" engines for 1:8 scale On Road category “OTTO” V1 Tech.

VOX OTTO V.1 is the result of the combination of production expertise and parts resizing aimed to obtain a new weight distribution in the cooling head without affecting the cooling efficiency, which is at the same time directed to the spark plug body with a new system.


Micro Engine for RC Models

Class > .21
Weight > 322gr
Capacity > 3.49cc
Power > Hp 2.3
Rpm > 32000
Stroke > 16.80mm
Bore > 16.26mm
Cylinder/PistonPorts 5
Start > External
Cranckshaft > 14 mm
Carburettor > Allu 9mm Slide - Double adjustments
Spark Plug > Turbo
Exaust system > Rear
Fuel > 25% nitro